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A doorway to infinite possibilities is what we open through IKL's Open Enrollment Programs.

IKL offers highly demanded open enrollment programs that normally run for three days. If you are looking for the best corporate training in Dubai, IKL is the place for you. IKL's OEPs are not run-of-the-mill mass market training workshops – they focus on specific skill set development and a broader general management perspective, based on experiential learning and interactive exchange. 

The range is as long as the Nile itself – from technical and soft management skills for front line officers to leadership and strategic management courses for Senior Management. Add the valuable element of peer networking and camaraderie to the cross industry learning experience, and you have IKL's Open Enrollment Programs that offer unparalleled corporate training and development opportunities. Effective corporate training programs play a vital role in taking a business to the next level. IKL's public training programs have been devised keeping the modern requirements of the corporate world in view.

IKL believes that the quality, relevance and rigor of management development programs – not the quantity – are the key for us to stay ahead. IKL’s carefully designed corprate training programs build close and lasting connections with our clients. Partnering with a selected group of clients, we take the time to understand each company and its critical business issues. As the strategic objectives of organizations evolve over time, our learning models respond to these changing needs with flexibility and clarity. That is why IKL ranks amoung the best corporate training institutes in dubai. Those who want to take their team to the next corporate level will find Bespoke In-house corporate training programs quite according to their needs. A large number of training companies are operating in Dubai what makes IKL standout in the multitude is quality, class and effectiveness. 

Our customized training courses are empowered by the demonstration of state of the art teamwork by our Client Relationship Managers, Research Associates, Facilitators and Services Coordinators.

IKL Eagle EyeTM is especially designed corprate training program for corporate executives serving at levels such as Senior Managers, Directors, Chairmen, C-Suite etc. All trainings in Eagle EyeTM program are offered by internationally renowned subject expert trainers. These are IKL's flagship training courses that have earned the respect of seasoned industry professionals. If you are in Dubai, UAE and want to get listed in a corporate training program that help you grow and let your organization be the best, you will find Eagle Eye training programs as per the modern requirement. 


This is the most powerful and specialized program among all training areas, with an eyesight vision estimated at 4 to 8 times stronger than that of the average training outcome. Successful completion of the program makes one eligible to write "IKL Certified Eagle EyeTM Trained Individual" in the respective domain. 

Recognized for its extremely powerful Action Learning Programs, IKL is among the premier corporate training institutes in Dubai.

Learning lies where action lives. Action, with team effort, is more likely to deliver required results and lead towards a targeted mission. Dynamic organizations today realize that teamwork is a vital ingredient in engineering success. Even with clearly predefined responsibilities, success is determined by the level of collaboration and interdependence among co-workers. Today, the concept of the STAR team has rapidly replaced the idea of the STAR performer. 

Teamwork creates ideas, generates energy, synergizes individuals, and solves challenging problems while infusing a sense of camaraderie and trust - ingredients that lead any organization towards success and ultimate glory.

IKL outbound corporate training courses in Dubai, UAE facilitate such behaviors and attitudes by placing groups in carefully designed survival situations, challenging existing behaviors and attitudes while creating new desired behaviors, reinforcing them with appropriate reviews, group discussions and shared experiences. Participants enjoy profound, even life altering experiences in these programs. Because of high effectiveness of its Flaship Outbound training courses, IKL has emerged as the top training company in Dubai.


Outbound Philosophy

Outbound philosophy is based on the concept of experiential learning where participants are involved in meaningful activities in close contact with nature. Using wilderness as a learning toll; outbound workshops provide opportunity to professionals to learn and practice leadership and team building. The excellent recall and transformational learning that results from such corporate training is reflected clearly at the workplace.

IKL Al Nukhba is an elite corporate training program designed and conducted in partnership with international collaborations and exclusive foreign corporate leaders and master trainers. This program polishes skills with respect to the unique challenges individuals and organizations face on daily basis. Al Nukhba programs offer world-class corporate training in Dubai. They are designed by considering highly strategic content and complex operational activities to instill valuable learning experience to corporate executives.