Innovation and Design-Thinking

Course Overview

Highly successful companies, such as Apple, Virgin, Toyota, and others, innovate continuously because of their culture of design-thinking. When done right, this thinking links inspiration and passion to execution and delivery—positively affecting every facet of the product and service.

For you to be successful at work, you need to know how to think like a designer when approaching an engineering task alone, but you especially need design-thinking skills when working within a team or leading a team. By applying a design-centered approach you will be able to conceive of radically innovative solutions, deeply understand who your real stakeholders are and what they care about, create vision that gets buy-in from senior management and colleagues, avoid hazards, and create solutions that people love both emotionally and intellectually.

Using a 10-step design process and a 3-step vision creation and communication process, you will experience the design process first hand in this interactive class that will expand your thinking and help you and your teams create more powerful solutions. In Innovation & Design Thinking Training you will learn how to create materials that align technical audience and non-technical audiences, understand the vital importance of the psychology behind how people interact with technology, how to manage creativity, and how to assess the effectiveness of your solutions.

Course Objectives

By attending the Design Thinking course participants will:

  • Understanding and applying a 10-Step Design Process
  • Distinguishing between incremental innovation and radical innovation when creating new solutions
  • Researching and understanding the complex network of stakeholders involved in any project
  • Rapidly creating and refining a vision for any product or service using a 3-phase approach to align technical and non-technical audiences
  • Understanding and using the psychology behind human-machine interface
  • Effectively understanding if your end-users will be delighted by your product or service

Course Content

  • The 10-Step Design Process: an overview of the design process and group exercises
  • Innovation & 10 Design Principles: Understanding the origin of innovation, evaluating design principles
  • Small Group Design Exercise 1: Interactive design exercise: game design, evaluation of design
  • 3-Phase Vision Creation: Learning to articulate design in phases, K-Scripts, State Tables
  • Optional Evening Photo Scavenger Hunt in small groups: Photos to be presented in class on day two
  • Decision-evaluation and critique: Evaluation exercise, critique techniques
  • Small Group Design Exercise 2: K-Scripts creation
  • Psychology & Branding: Understanding the social-psychological aspect of interface design and learning to interpret the brand
  • Creativity Through Analysis & Open/Closed Thinking: Understanding how to develop innovative ideas through ethnographic research
  • Stakeholder Analysis: Understanding how to map the complex network of beneficiaries
  • Usability Testing & Wrap-up: Formal methods for usability testing and methods for rapid notation and analysis

Course Methodology

The training is going to be highly interactive combination of lectures, group discussions, questionnaires, individual reflections, role plays, simulations and videos

Target Audience

This design thinking training program is ideal for professionals from any industry who are tasked with problem solving and are looking for new approaches to finding solutions. The workshop nature of this program is particularly useful to teams from the same organization who also want to use the program to tackle an organizational design challenge


3 Days (08:30–14:30) with appropriate breaks for tea/refreshments and lunch.

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