Consultative Selling

Course Overview

Consultative Selling training course guides participants how to make the move from an ordinary sales person to a business partner. Individuals who monitor customers’ expectations and work with them to help and achieve their business objectives. Customers have high expectations from the sales people who manage their accounts and make important decisions for them. Thereby, consultative selling skills impact the retention and development of customer relationships. Titles, such as trusted business partner, valued professional partner, are being commonly used, but it is one thing to give somebody a title, it is another to help them develop the skills and behaviors to do the job!

Course Objectives

The course is designed to help the participants in meeting the following objectives:

  • To create a differentiation between consultative selling techniques and conventional selling techniques
  • To learn about the 6 steps - consultative selling cycle
  • To know how to practically apply consultative selling techniques

Course Content

Overview of the Workshop

Define Consultative Selling

  • What are consultative selling techniques?
  • What is the difference between consultative selling and conventional selling?
  • Why to use consultative selling?
  • The basic principles and cycle of consultative selling

Step 1 – How to Get Customers’ Attention

  • Preparation for selling
  • Identification of the prospective customers
  • Approaching prospective customers

Step 2 – Stimulating Customers’ Interest

  • Three stages of customers’ needs
  • Helping the customers to move towards the highest stages of needs
  • Changing customers’ existing vision

Step 3 – Arousing Desire for Buying

  • Exploring options

Step 4 – Negotiating and Handling of Objections

  • LAPACT – Objection handling tool

Step 5 – Closing the Deal

  • Closing techniques
  • Dealing with common types of objections
  • Close an unsuccessful sale

Step 6 – Evaluating Customers’ Satisfaction

  • Why to evaluate customer satisfaction
  • Techniques for assessing and evaluating customer satisfaction
  • Follow-up
  • Concluding remarks, action planning and wrap-up

Course Methodology

The training is going to be highly interactive combination of lectures, group discussions, questionnaires, individual reflections, role plays, simulations and videos.

Target Audience

Consultative Selling training course is designed for:

  • Senior Executives
  • Marketing Executives
  • Product Managers
  • Professionals Involved in any form of Business Intelligence


2 Days (08:30–14:30) with appropriate breaks for tea/refreshments and lunch.

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