Intensive Sales Training and Coaching Maximizes Productivity

The CEB Sales Leadership Council found 17% increase in sales by sales managers who were attending 3 hours sales team training session in a month than other sales managers who spent less than 2 hours at sales training programs.

The Power of Selling

Sales department and the mangers running the sales force constitute the backbone of any organization. Simply put, a great sales team means higher profits. Outstanding management, high-quality manufacturing and cutting-edge technology come to naught unless you have a strong sales team. Led by trained and experienced sales managers, sales personnel can do wonders. Managers are ideally placed to take up sales team coaching; the challenge is to ensure that they know how and are motivated enough to undertake sales team training.

A sales team that yields great profits is dependent on trained sales managers. The most vital ability of sales a manager is to provide sales training and coaching on regular basis to the sales team. A competent sales manager knows how to conduct sales team training to achieve the desired sales goals and targets.

It is a common misconception that training and coaching are synonyms to each other; in fact they both denote two different sets of terminologies. Training is all about inculcating knowledge of some new development but the concept of coaching is more complex. Coaching shares the knowledge of fixing and solving problems as and when they are encountered in the daily lives of sales people.

The Coaching Mindset

Dr Michael Leimbach, Vice President of Global Research and Development for Wilson Learning Worldwide., points out that sales team coaching is a mindset, not a job."Managers have to take on the mindset that coaching isn't something you do, rather, a coach is who you are. If managers view coaching as something they do in addition to their real job", it inevitably gets pushed out by more urgent tasks.

The manager is not only assigned for coaching the team but also encouraging, influencing and polishing the skills of the individual team members. Managers serve as the role models who serve in a particular behavioral or social domain to emulate others but when the team waits for an order and does not take initiative, it eventually kills resourcefulness.

An effective manager ensures that motivation level is maintained and the team remains enthusiastic. While coaching, the manager has to face a lot of challenges like advising, assessing, resolving, and analyzing variant issues.Taking responsibilities as a coach is a nerve-racking and stressful experience. The sales team training programs are beneficial for the managers to manage every kind of situation.

Sales Training: the Advantages

According to Norman Behar and David Jacoby, effective sales team training programs can significantly improve the performance of the sales teams and increase revenue return by 20%. It has been observed that high-level organizations spend 20% to 40% of their revenue into sales team training and coaching because they believe that a trained manager can train a great many sales executives and boost the overall sales performance of the organization. When sales boom, revenues jump and its a win-win situation for all.

As a sales manager, you have to base your own sales forecasts and number magic on the collective actions of your team members. The mistake that many sales managers make is that they get bogged down in their pie charts and number games. Reality Check- what about talent development and reinforcement, says Scott Edinger.

Sales team training and coaching is crucially important for generating target revenue. Organizations that do not invest in sales teams coaching due lack of commitment or fiscal prudence in a period of economic downturn, suffer in the long run. They do not improve, learn new skill and continuously make same mistake without realizing. A TAS Group Report points out that more than 65% sales managers spend less than 1% hours in providing sales training to their sales team in a month. A large number of managers give excuse that coaching doesnt help to increase revenue, they dont have enough time for sales team coaching.

It is revolutionized world and always seeks for the betterment in every field of life. Sales team coaching is one of the demanding ways to escalate sales team performance to acquire the aimed sales revenue