The Essential Do's and Don'ts for Salespersons

'A job title is just the designation; your real job is to reach your potential clients and hit the sales target.'Harvey Mackay

Selling is a form of art that also requires being business savvy too. Businesses prosper on the shoulders of high-performing sales teams, which in turn rely on being well versed in sales training techniques. Not everyone is a born salesperson. Being successful in the field of sales is not a matter of luck; it’s being consistent with good sales habits that one should practice on daily basis at the workplace. Sales training companies do offer effective training programs for sales teams that equip them with the essential do's and don'ts on the job

DON'TS-Must be Avoided by Sales Teams

  • Low Self-Confidence

It is perfectly all right to be nervous at times. Everyone gets anxious and feels lack of self-confidence but a true winner fights anxieties and overcomes them courageously. Self-confidence is about believing in your own self and feeling contented with your skills and powers. Salespersons should be positive and confident about the services and products that they are selling.

  • Sales are More Important than Customers

The common blunder usually made by the salespeople is that when they count more on the sales numbers rather than on the needs of customers. Always remember that as a salesperson, the most important thing is your customer.

  • Too Eager to Sell

The true boss is your customer because your career depends on potential clients. If you feel that your potential client is moving away from your product then look for the problem with the help of high-value questions. Engage your customers by asking plenty of quality questions and figure out the problem without being naggy.

  • Wrong Choice of Words

Selling is a matter of semantics, not emotions. One of the most recommended ideas by sales training companies is to have good communication skills that depend on the right selection of vocabulary. Giving advice to customers with the right choice of words makes all the difference. Avoid being bossy or impatient.

  • Target the Right Audience

'Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.' Steve Jobs

Arriving early to work and leaving late is not going to define your productivity. Don't waste your energy and time on the wrong side. Use it efficiently on the potential clients.

  • Bad Time Management

Ignore the distractions, which are producing a hindrance in managing your time effectively and preventing you to finish your task on time. Planning will help you to be more innovative and productive. If you will not organize your workload according to prioritized schedule, then most probably you will miss a deadline.

  • Dependence on Digital Communication

Do not completely rely on digital communication. Sales training companies don't prefer to contact prospective clients through e-mails or social media. If you want to be a valuable employee for your organization, then reach your customers through a phone call or meet them personally.

Do's-Must be Followed by Every Successful Sales Team

  • Value your Work

Respect your work and value your job. When you love your job, it boosts your energy level and brings positivity in your mind.

  • Being Curious

It is a part and parcel of sales training techniques that salespersons are well-learnt about their products or services. Good sales teams always have in-depth knowledge about the product's strengths and weaknesses. They always keep themselves updated about the latest industry trends and are always ready to accept change.

  • Manage Time Wisely

Managing and planning your time effectively is the best sales training idea. It can help you to achieve your sales target. It will generate revenue and earn profit to your organization.

  • Take Responsibility

Human beings tend to make mistakes. A good salesperson accepts mistakes and learns from them. Always take responsibility for your decisions and sales strategies because this helps you to become better and successful salesperson.

  • Be Creative and Persistent

Being creative is the basic key of a successful salesperson. Leading salespersons always start their journey where others quit. Hearing 'No' from a potential client means that it's time to bring in innovative ideas. Apply these ideas with creativity and turn that 'no' into 'yes'.