Role of Response Technology in Corporate and Military Training

The changing behavior of audiences and evolution of technology is creating an urge for advanced training courses, but a flat budget of HR is creating difficulties and challenges for employees and training professionals. Training courses have positive impact on the operational, strategic, individual, internal, and external management performances. For example, corporate training can improve the performance of sales representatives for increasing sales revenue and, just like military training, helps to learn innovative and reformed procedures to protect the lives of millions of civilians.

What is Response Technology?

Response technology is a digital system used in presentations. It helps each and every participant to contribute in the training sessions. The instructors embed the questions in the presentation and participants are required to answer those questions via cell phones or remote devices. It helps to overcome many constraints thattraining professionals have to cater on daily basis when they are targeting larger groups.

Purpose of Response Technology

  • Improve Communication

Military trainers use Application Programming Interface (API) for software development, which allows different technologies to work together and make for easier remote communication. The responses of the participants are gathered through response technology and displayed on the screen in the form of graphs. This technology is helping current military trainers because it’s an era of digital media that depends widely on cell phones, social media, and internet.

  • Increase Participation Level

The evident objectives of trainings are to increase participation level of the attendees which depends on productive discussion and peer-work. If few students take an interest by volunteering answers, making inquiries, or adding to discussions, then the scope of learning becomes narrows down. Limited participation shows loss of opportunities to assess and promote advanced learning.

Response technology is an enormous source of increasing participation level among the participants who are shy and reluctant to take part in the corporate training sessions. The polling software enables participants to respond to questions, and makes the session active and alive through virtual communication.

  • Interactive Sessions

Corporate training sessions ensure that attendees are not engaged in the lecture where a moderator simply stands and reads off a power point presentation which is mind-numbing and exhausting. The training programs must be lively, informative, and interactive. The attendees should retain the knowledge and skills that have been discussed in the sessions. Interactive learning is more helpful than passive learning. Quizzes, tests, case studies, hands-on exercises, gamification, and one to one sessions that are later displayed for the class are ideal for keeping the attendees engaged with such innovative and interactive activities.

According to Mike Broderick, the correct response technology can provide range of different games like a quiz show-style contest in which participants are remunerated with points for right answers. These strategies are exceptionally successful in civilian and military training courses since they can boost the interest level and grab the attention of participants.

  • Instant Review of Training

Response technology can enhance course review reaction rates. Numerous educators give out course handouts at the end of the class, which drops the interest rate of participants during the session. Allowing students to react to inquiries or rate their experience by using remotes or cell phones can bring investment rates up to 100%.

  • Engage in Peer Learning

Professor Eric Mazur from Harvard University is a pioneer of the peer learning concept. The concept of peer work has improved the quality of corporate training programs with the help of collaborative working.

Instructors engage attendees in open-ended question and answer sessions while presentations with the help of response technology and participants are given space to discuss with each other. This session allows them to influence their collaborative wisdom to find the correct answer. This activity in military trainings assists the military professionals to arrive at a better solution of the problem.

  • Importance of Response Technology

Learning is essential in every field of life and it’s a never ending road. Training programs guide corporate attendees and even service personnel which help them to progress in their professional lives. This is the reason that training professionals from all fields are exploring more innovative ideas like response technology. Interacting and engaging participants in training session gives instructors a clear view of class improvement and the quality of presentation. Proper use of response technology enhances overall revenues in the business world and can even expand the safety margin in military training.