IKL facilitates corporations to perform Human Resource [HR] Assessment which is a process of systematically collecting data concerning existing employees’ personalities and intellectual proficiencies.

Through our HR Assessments portfolio, our Client organizations can:

  • Get access to internationally accepted standards and mechanisms used to screen and recruit job applicants
  • Get informed conclusions regarding their qualifications, skills, experience and knowledge
  • Assess personalities and job relevant skills of existing human talent in order to promote them to the higher positions
  • Be enabled to support self-leadership, competencies development and executive development

Our “HR Assessment Services” assist clients and their organizations to:

  • Acquire and retain superlative human resource
  • Facilitate in picking out the most talented employees in an organization
  • Evaluate them regularly and provide a source for continuous improvement in their skill set

This allows to channelize potentials of outperforming employees by providing them career growth opportunities. Hiring and sustaining the right talent, particularly the future leaders, can be a cumbersome process.

Key Objectives

  • Enabling corporations to execute HR strategies and policies in line with corporate goals
  • Assisting clients to hire the best human talent having the right knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Facilitating clients to achieve betterment by comparing current performance with benchmarks
  • Identifying areas for improvement
  • Allowing corporations to retain valuable human capital through identification of future leaders and candidates of higher positions
  • Providing further career growth opportunities to employees in an equitable manner