Coaching Skills for Managers

Course Overview

Coaching training course is designed to equip managers or leaders with effective coaching skills and tools so that they can appropriately direct their coaching efforts. Effective coaching is mandatory to guarantee high employee performance. Usually managers react to underperformers in their annual appraisal, through job transfers and dismissals but appropriate effective coaching can help them improve their productivity at a lower cost.

In some challenging situations, managers take over the responsibility to fulfill a particular task. It is a natural reaction to handle problems quickly but this creates disruption and badly affects the overall efficiency and performance. Coaching is a technique to improve employee skills, competencies and confidence. It ultimately helps generates high quality work and fosters staff to work independently.

Managers are responsible to provide necessary training to new employees in order for the inductee to perform effectively. In most of the cases, due to lack of skills and competencies, managers provide inadequate training to the employees that affects the performance of both. Developing coaching skills will help managers to identify employee needs, communicate effectively and contribute towards higher performance.

Course Objectives

  • At the end of the course participants will have the ability to:
  • Describe coaching at work
  • Understand the benefits of coaching
  • Apply coaching tools in the workplace
  • Formulate, develop and implement long-term coaching strategies

Course Content

  •     Introduction to the Workshop

  •     Session 1: Coaching and its Benefits for Managers
    • Association between employee performance and manager performance
    • Importance of coaching in fostering performance

  •     Session 2: Coaching Skills and Tools
    • EDAC – Teaching employees new skills
    • 4Ps – Problem solving skills
    • FBI – Feedback and its importance in fostering employee performance

  •     Session 3: The Four Steps of Coaching
    • Assessment of needs
    • Developing a coaching plan
    • Implementation
    • Follow-up and feedback

Course Methodology

The training is going to be highly interactive combination of lectures, group discussions, questionnaires, individual reflections, role plays, simulations and videos

Target Audience

Coaching training course is designed for:

  •  Leaders and Managers
  •  Individuals who are seeking to effectively supervise their subordinates


2 Days (08:30–14:30) with appropriate breaks for tea/refreshments and lunch.

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